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We don't just look at words, we look at the nuance of words.
As the world changes, so do issues of meaning and communication. Accent's expert linguists are trained in the art of translating. They understand grammar as well as idiomatic usage and innuendo. Accent utilizes global resources to understand other cultures and the importance of words.

Conducting Business for 30 Years
For over 30 years Accent has been serving the language needs of corporations worldwide, and we take pride in providing the highest standards for quality control and customer service.

Professional Translators
Accent has a constantly growing network of linguists whom perform services. Companies actively seek our skills and our professional translators whose knowledge and understanding of both their native culture and their field of expertise is a valuable asset.

Global Reach
With over 7,000 spoken languages worldwide, and an ever-expanding global economy, the need for a quality translation agency like Accent increases. Accent also reacts to political issues -- as regions gain independence, for example with the break-up of the Soviet Union, we find ourselves involved in translating languages that were never previously required for official documents.

Wide Range of Language Skills
Accent is fluent in industry terminology including Aerospace, Manufacturing, Insurance, Healthcare, Medical, Legal, Engineering and Consumer Goods. Within any Company or Organization, we can provide a valuable resource for translation of many types of documents, including Scientific, Compliance, Human Resource, Marketing and Health & Safety.

Customer Service
We are always available via e-mail or telephone to address any questions or concerns you might have.


Speaks for the World

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