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Company History

Accent Opens Doors in 1972
Accent was founded in 1972 by Frances Blumenthal as a foreign language school. Accent provided language classes to individuals and small groups that either wanted to learn a language or improve their foreign language skills.

Accent Completes its First Translation
As international business increased corporations realized the importance of having their employees communicate in other languages. They also recognized a growing need for document translation. In 1982 Accent received its first translation contract, an assignment from Gerber to translate an instruction manual into four languages regarding its innovative Signmaker® machine.

The company developed a strong philosophy regarding quality control and continued to expand its translation division. During this time Accent was involved in many significant translation assignments – including the Wells Fargo Robbery Case – where the evidence needed to be translated in this international criminal case.

Accent Expands Globally
With the expansion of the PC, the internet and various software programs Accent was able to offer translation services to customers around the world with the same dedication to quality and commitment to deadlines that it had in the early years to its local customers. Accent also broadened itself by offering full desktop publishing services for a professional look in any language. The global reach included prestigious assignments regarding the Sistine Chapel, Kuala Lumpur’s Twin Towers, the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro and The Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

Accent Today
Today, Accent helps many companies, including Fortune 500 companies communicate with its employees and customers in any language. We have been translating documents for over 20 years and have translated over 10 million words. We have a network of translators whom cover the globe and we have a skill of matching the right translator with the specific assignment. We continue to get involved in many exciting projects all of the world, visit our Current News.

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