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Brad Newell
President & CFO
Brad Newell is responsible for the daily operations of Accent and directs all Business Development and Strategic planning activities for the company. Prior to joining Accent, Brad was the Chief Planning Officer for Aetna, Inc. where he was responsible for strategic and financial planning for the corporation. He developed Aetna's Health Internet Company and was the lead on a number of key initiatives. Brad is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and possesses strong leadership capabilities. He also has strong project management and communication skills, which are critical to any large translation assignment.

Irene Berman
President & Chief Linguist
Irene Berman has been with Accent since 1982 and is responsible for all multi-lingual activities of the business. She developed Accent from a language school to a global translation service. A native of Norway, she is a natural linguist with a strong business background. Her diverse expertise allows her to deal with the ever-changing business climate. She is adept at both professional and technical translations and has contributed to the arts with her personal endeavors in translating theatrical productions. A perfectionist, who is committed to quality and who knows the importance of clarity to the end product, Irene sees translation from both a business and a translator’s perspective, which is reinforced by a personal knowledge of European culture.

Joanne Kurnik
Director of Operations
Joanne Kurnik is responsible for the quality control and production coordination functions of every Accent project. She is a twenty-year veteran of the translation industry. Her keen organizational skills ensure that all expectations and deadlines are met. Ms. Kurnik works with clients and translators around the country and the world to keep the flow of the work on time and the product perfect. She customizes procedures and oversees electronic output of translations and is the focal point for all aspects of the final product.

James Sherman
Director of Sales and Marketing
James Sherman manages all Sales and Marketing activities for Accent. He has extensive sales and marketing experience, having worked with American Express, Canon and Hewlett Packard, among others. James has also been involved in founding a number of businesses in a variety of industries.

Nancy Cecilia
Operations Manager
Nancy is responsible for managing and reviewing specific translation and interpreting assignments and pairing the appropriate translators, proofreaders and interpreters with the project at hand, as well as formatting electronic output of translations. She was a language major with a degree from the University of Connecticut.

Gloria Clymer
Graphic and DTP Manager
Gloria oversees the Graphic and Desktop Publishing (DTP) activities for Accent. She has 20 years of experience in graphic design, and her vast knowledge and skills with the intricacies of multi-lingual DTP are a valuable asset to the Accent team.

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